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Welcome to the Mom & Mind Podcast!

This podcast focuses on the Maternal Mental Health struggles related to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birth and early parenthood. We talk about all of the stuff that you wish someone would have told you BEFORE you tried to be pregnant or have a baby. Postpartum depression is only part of the story.

The goal of this podcast to put all of this info out in the open. There’s no need to hide these very human experiences…so many people deal with these struggles. So, the podcast provides real life stories of moms, dads and family AND we will talk with experts, leaders and advocates in the field of maternal mental health and maternal health. You deserve to be informed!!!!

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Nov 26, 2018

Do you find the holidays stressful? We would all have to say YES, if we’re completely honest. For a pregnant mom, a postpartum mom, or a mom experiencing loss, the holiday obligations can be overwhelming in magnified ways. In today’s solo episode, we will discuss how to survive the holidays and manage stress by setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing self-care.


Show Highlights:


  • The holidays: a mix of lovely things and difficult moments with the unseen pressure of motherhood to take care of everyone
  • Boundaries are not easy, and sometimes confusing, but necessary
  • Set boundaries around family, friends, spending, activities, and the time you spend with others
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate what your needs are
  • In spending time at someone’s house, have a set time limit or some kind of communication with your partner to signal when it’s time to go
  • To figure out where you need boundaries, ask yourself, “What brings me stress? What do I find difficult?”
  • Why we feel guilty for setting boundaries
  • How anger and resentment toward others will develop when we don’t set boundaries
  • How pushback from someone else can signal the need for boundaries
  • It’s OK when you need a time-out from the tension of social situations
  • Important skills include knowing when to say NO and when to say YES
  • Why you shouldn’t feel obligated to do things that aren’t good choices for you
  • Allow flexibility and compassion in considering your needs
  • How saying YES and NO protects against resentment building up in relationships
  • Ask yourself what you need when you feel anger, guilt, anxiety, and sadness
  • If sleep and self-care are not on your holiday list, then you will feel depleted
  • Sleep is essential for health and restoration, but especially for pregnant moms, postpartum moms, and moms with loss
  • Give yourself permission NOT to do everything
  • Steps to take to manage stress:
    • Think about times in the past when you’ve ignored your own needs
    • Figure out where you can make adjustments
    • Find places where you can say YES and set limits
    • Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty
  • Why your new holiday regimen should be ways to manage stress, keep your energy level, and feel like yourself
  • What feels restorative, whole, and good to you?
  • Set intentions for baths, yoga, solitary walks, connection time with a friend, alone time, or time with your partner

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