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Welcome to the Mom & Mind Podcast!

This podcast focuses on the Maternal Mental Health struggles related to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birth and early parenthood. We talk about all of the stuff that you wish someone would have told you BEFORE you tried to be pregnant or have a baby. Postpartum depression is only part of the story.

The goal of this podcast to put all of this info out in the open. There’s no need to hide these very human experiences…so many people deal with these struggles. So, the podcast provides real life stories of moms, dads and family AND we will talk with experts, leaders and advocates in the field of maternal mental health and maternal health. You deserve to be informed!!!!

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Mar 11, 2019

It’s called “baby wearing” or “baby carrying”--- you may have heard of this technique and wondered what it’s all about. It’s a good idea logistically, but the great news is that it supports mental health and overall well-being in parents and caregivers when a new baby comes into the family. We’re finding out more about the ins and outs of baby wearing on today’s show.


Laura Brown is a baby wearing expert. She has been passionate about this topic for over a decade. She’s here to share details about this practice from her perspective, and how she uses her experience to help moms and partners after baby comes home. Since the birth of her first child, Laura has dedicated herself to providing the latest evidence-based information and support to caregivers throughout the birth and postpartum period. She founded one of the largest baby wearing non-profit organizations, helps train other birth and postpartum professionals, counsels manufacturers, and speaks nationally about baby carriers and their use. In addition to being a baby wearing consultant, she is also a full-spectrum doula, child passenger safety technician, lactation educator, and is kangaroo-care certified. I personally used this technique with both of my kiddos, and I saw firsthand the many benefits of baby wearing.


Show Highlights:


  • Baby wearing: the act of carrying your baby on your body with a baby carrier
  • Laura’s work, and how it began 10 years ago with the birth of her first child, when she noticed the benefits to baby, maternal mental health, and the freedom to leave the house with baby
  • How she teaches baby wearing classes, works with other healthcare professionals, and consults with baby carrier manufacturers
  • The importance of teaching caregivers this skill set 
  • How to find a carrier that’s right for you and why most people will need more than one type of carrier
  • Why ONE carrier will not fit your every need and every situation
  • How a baby wearing class, consultant, or expert can help you find the right carrier and the right fit
  • Why baby wearing is important in the postpartum period:
    • Babies need constant attention, so baby wearing can alleviate stress for mom
    • Helps the baby’s muscle development, social development, and brain development
    • Helps bond the baby to their caregiver
  • Why baby wearing is just another tool in a caregiver’s toolbox, shouldn’t be used all day every day, and can be custom-tailored for how you care for your baby
  • How baby wearing helps with anxiety and depression for mom, releasing oxytocin and connecting mom and baby
  • When baby wearing may not be a good idea: when baby has complex health issues or the caregiver has chronic pain
  • Where to get help with baby wearing: most localities have groups or non-profits where you can learn about different carriers and take classes; even some retailers and manufacturers offer help, and YouTube has videos with troubleshooting information about baby carriers
  • The hopeful message about baby wearing: “Keeping baby close to you enables you to do what you need to do in the postpartum period.”




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Find Laura on Instagram: @mamabirdlosangeles