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Welcome to the Mom & Mind Podcast!

This podcast focuses on the Maternal Mental Health struggles related to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birth and early parenthood. We talk about all of the stuff that you wish someone would have told you BEFORE you tried to be pregnant or have a baby. Postpartum depression is only part of the story.

The goal of this podcast to put all of this info out in the open. There’s no need to hide these very human experiences…so many people deal with these struggles. So, the podcast provides real life stories of moms, dads and family AND we will talk with experts, leaders and advocates in the field of maternal mental health and maternal health. You deserve to be informed!!!!

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Dec 23, 2019

As we close out the year, I’m reflecting on my work over the past years. I’m struck by how incredibly strong you all are, and I mean every person who’s endured a perinatal mental health condition. Perinatal mental conditions are very difficult to encounter, and many people navigate their way through these experiences without any help at all.

Show Highlights:

  • Going through pregnancy or taking care of a newborn while experiencing a mental health condition is tough, much more so when you have to take care of the other elements of life
  • Loneliness and confusion come with the suffering
  • Worry about other children, finances, and jobs adds to the pressure
  • There are incredible amounts of strength and resilience from people who keep fighting
  • Just getting the sleep you need and getting the right medications can bring amazing hope and relief
  • When the mind relaxes into a new sense of self, then the body relaxes, too
  • It’s worth celebrating when you realize you don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life
  • If you’ve experienced a perinatal mental health condition or a loss, I see you and honor you and respect you
  • Moments of sadness are normal and dehumanizing, but you deserve compassion
  • You are not alone
  • There are many trained professionals who know how to help, so find them and take advantage of the available resources