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Welcome to the Mom & Mind Podcast!

This podcast focuses on the Maternal Mental Health struggles related to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birth and early parenthood. We talk about all of the stuff that you wish someone would have told you BEFORE you tried to be pregnant or have a baby. Postpartum depression is only part of the story.

The goal of this podcast to put all of this info out in the open. There’s no need to hide these very human experiences…so many people deal with these struggles. So, the podcast provides real life stories of moms, dads and family AND we will talk with experts, leaders and advocates in the field of maternal mental health and maternal health. You deserve to be informed!!!!

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Feb 13, 2018

Katie Flores shares her personal story and how she became an holistic health coach for new mothers.

She describes her depression, a miscarriage, the stress that she felt with her daughter who was fussy all of the time for a whole year and sleep deprived that whole time. She discusses some of her underlying biological factors that added to her experience.

Katie talks about what she sees as root causes and biological contributors to postpartum depression, including trauma, loss physical illness and nutrition. She started her own podcast to address these issues, called Natural Postpartum Support Podcast.

Please note: This is not medical advice. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing some of the things that are discussed in this episode, please contact your Naturopathic Doctor or Primary care doctor. 

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Katie Flores is a certified holistic health coach + postpartum depression survivor. She provides a natural approach for moms struggling with postpartum depression so they can show up as their happiest self and connect with their kids in a way they never could imagine. As an integrative nutrition health coach, mother, and advocate, she's discovered that postpartum depression can happen based on a variety of circumstances, but the missing factor that most doctors overlook, is that it can be treated nutritionally. Postpartum depression is a symptom, not the final answer.​

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